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reagan china

Ball Launcher

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  • Automatic ball launcher for small and medium dogs: Keeps your dog engaged and active with the automatic ball throw.
  • 3 included tennis balls: Comes with 3 super bounce tennis balls (2”/5cm) for hours of interactive play.
  • Designed for small and medium size dogs: Perfect for dogs to stay active and entertained.
  • Adjustable launch distance : Easily adjust the launch distance with the touch of a button.There are three emission distances. 
  • Can be ran on  batteries for convenient use: 
  • Please always inspect the launch tube to make sure it's clean before playing,in case any objects or dirt lodged in the tube.
  • The dog ball launcher can only be use with 2" balls, same size as induded in the box.Please use a customized ball. Regular tennis balls can easily cause the machine to malfunction.