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AS Starmark

Bob-a-Lot Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

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Starmark Bob-A-Lot can be filled with treats or food in a top or bottom chamber, and then must be manipulated by the dog’s nose or feet to extract the goodies inside. Both the top and bottom chambers feature adjustable openings to regulate the difficulty in which the dog removes the treats. Two sizes are available: large holds up to 3 cups of food and small holds up to 1.5 cups. Both sizes dispense food or treats in a variety of sizes, and are a great way to feed and exercise your dog. The Bob-A-Lot is made from a highly durable polymer with an anti-slip coating on the bottom.



  • Holds Variety of Treats & Kibble: Easy-to-fill, easy-to clean dual chambers allow you to fill with treats or kibble.
  • Easily Customize Difficulty Level: Adjust opening to control release of treats. Bobs and tilts on weighted, anti-slip base.
  • Provides Hours of Challenging Play: Puzzle releases treats as your dog paws, nudges and chases.