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Reagan Alibaba AFP

Duck lick Mat

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Introducing the All For Paws Calming Pals Bath Anti-Anxiety Duck, the perfect companion for bath time! This unique duck-shaped lick mat is designed to make bath sessions more enjoyable and calming for your dog. The Bath Anti-Anxiety Duck features grooves and ridges on its surface, creating a challenging and engaging lick mat-style experience. By spreading your dog's favorite treats or peanut butter on the mat, you can keep them occupied and distracted during bath time, making the process more pleasant for both of you. To ensure stability and convenience, the Bath Anti-Anxiety Duck is equipped with a suction cup on the back. You can easily attach it to the wall or any smooth surface within the reach of your dog, allowing them to lick and enjoy their treats while you focus on bathing them. This innovative design not only provides mental stimulation but also helps to alleviate anxiety and stress. Make bath time a breeze with the All For Paws Calming Pals Bath Anti-Anxiety Duck. Its grooves, challenging lick mat-style, and suction cup attachment ensure an enjoyable and stress-free bathing experience for your dog, turning bath time into a bonding moment between you and your beloved pet.