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KW Bio Groom

Ear Fresh Powder

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BIO-GROOM Ear Fresh Grooming Powder-24 grams

Specially developed ear powder that keeps ears dry, reduces ear odor and relieves itching. Has special TIGHT GRIP properties for removing unwanted hair from the ear canal of dogs. Excellent for hand stripping. Available in the 24 gram size with convenient funnel tip dispenser. 


Includes funnel tip dispenser

Excellent for hand stripping

For Dogs and Cats

Directions: Clean ears first. Use cotton swabs and Bio-Groom Liquid Ear Care Lotion. Then, gently puff Ear Fresh into the ear to keep them dry and odor free. To remove unwanted hair from ear canal, puff Ear Care into the ear and remove hair with forceps or tweezers. For hand stripping, use the amount necessary to achieve the desired results. Should your dog or cat have a painful ear condition or discharge from the ear, see your veterinarian.