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AS Starmark

Treat Crunching Multiball

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Starmark’s Treat Crunching Toys are a chewing challenge for dogs. Treat Crunching Barbell and Multiball are made from a virtually indestructible material that is stronger than rubber and floats in water. Each toy fit Inserted Treat Rods and Interactive Treats. The treats are 100% edible and digestible. Interactive Treats fit inside the Treat Rod, and then insert the filled Treat Rod into either the Treat Crunching Barbell or Multiball. This challenges the dog to chew to break the Treat Rod in order to release the treats. Medium and large sizes available. Both sizes Treat Rods fit both sizes of Treat Crunching Toys.


  • Holds Inserted Treat Rod Inside Plus Interactive Treats: Insert Interactive Treats into the Inserted Treat Rod, then insert filled Treat Rod into toy
  • Provides Hours of Challenging Play: Inserted Treat Rod is designed to break as dog chews, releasing small pieces and Interactive Treats
  • Made with Virtually Indestructible Material: Stronger than rubber. Free of latex, vinyl, and phthalates
  • Both sizes Inserted Treat Rod can be used with both sizes of the Treat Crunching Multiball.
  • Challenge rating of 3.5 out of 5.
  • Inserted Treat Rod and Interactive Treats made in USA.
  • Dishwasher Safe.