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Twisted Beefhide canes with chicken

Twisted Beefhide canes with chicken

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Holiday Twistedz Beefhide Cane

6" 4-pack

The Pet Facory 4-Pack 6" Holiday Chicken Twisted Cane is made with real chicken wrapped around all natural American beefhide cane to make a flavorful combination made with natural ingredients.

The Twistedz Holiday Cane is a delicious beefhide that is wrapped with either real chicken or beef, creating a festive chew that would be the perfect stocking stuffer.

  • Tested by a certified independent lab to be 99% digestible
  • No corn, no wheat, no soy
  • A flavorful combination of all natural beefhide and real chicken, no preservatives or additives

  • Quantity: 4-pack